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Since its establishment in 1949, Fukuoka Stock Exchange, or FSE, has contributed to the prosperity of the regional economy by advancing the growth of regional industries and promoting listings.

We play a substantial role in providing regional small and medium companies with the opportunity to go public. We strongly believe that this function is crucial for the Kyushu region, not only for the revitalization of its economy, but also for the central role the region aims to play in the expansion of the Asian economy.

FSE has the following missions:

  • to contribute to the prosperity of the regional economy by appropriately fulfilling its direct-financing function
  • to maintain a highly transparent market for investors
  • to improve the trading environment

To fulfill these missions, we put great emphasis in our operations on maintaining a reliable market infrastructure, increasing liquidity and promoting understanding of equity investment.

Due to the development of transportation systems and telecommunications, and overconcentration of the economy in Tokyo, regional exchanges are currently operating in quite a difficult business environment. However, as the only exchange in western Japan, it is our aim to be selected by regional companies wishing to apply for IPO as the first stage of going public, by further enhancing our operations in the light of timely disclosure guidance, and increasing market reliability.

We thank you in advance for your thoughtful support and cooperation.

Hiroaki Okui

Hiroaki Okui



Established in 1949, Fukuoka Stock Exchange, or FSE, is one of the four stock exchanges (Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka)in Japan and operates as a securities membership corporation.

We operate to maintain fair and smooth transactions and distribution of financial instruments so that we can achieve sound development of the national economy and protection of investors, pursuant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. On this basis, market participants trade securities approved by the exchange. We also monitor and oversee transactions in the exchange, and instruct listed companies to disclose important information in a timely manner, fairly and accurately.

FSE is proud of the fact that we have made a significant contribution to the development of the regional economy through providing financing opportunities to nearly one hundred Kyushu-based companies. Moreover, in April 2010, FSE introduced its "Foreign Stock Listing System", which allows non-Japanese companies to be listed on FSE. We will continue to implement our policies to attract market participants (membership corporations, investors and listed companies) by meeting their needs.

Numerous organizations voluntarily support and cooperate with us in our activities for the reinforcement and development of our direct-finance functions. For example, in June 1998, 31 administrative and business organizations in the Kyushu region jointly founded the "Council for FSE Revitalization" in order to support FSE's activities, such as increasing the number of transactions and promotion of listings. To take another example, in April 1999, companies listed solely on FSE organized "the Association of Fukuoka Stock Exchange Independent Listed Companies" to explore ways to increase the liquidity of their stocks and sponsor IR activities of their own.

By faithfully fulfilling its direct financing function, FSE will continue to contribute to the development of regional companies, and take steps toward making itself attractive to market participants by meeting their needs.


President Hiroaki Okui
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